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12:33 PM, November 28, 2017
China to Deploy Multi-warhead DF-41 Intercontinental Missile in Early 2018
China's DF-41 Ballistic Missile Illustration

The Chinese military will deploy its most power missile yet, the multiple-warhead DF-41 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) in early 2018, CCTV reported Sunday.

Military expert Yang Chengjun was quoted as saying on CCTV, “DF-41 is 4th-generation and China’s latest strategic missile.” The missile is quick, mobile, and precise, he added.

No failure has occurred during the test launches of DF-41 which is a rival of the American LGM-30 Minuteman and the Russian RT-2PM2. The Chinese missile even has an edge with regard to some technologies, Yang claimed.

The DF-41 has a range of 12,000 kilometers and a deviation of some one hundred meters. It can carry six to 10 multiple maneuverable warheads, which makes it difficult to be intercepted.

The missile is 16.5 meters in length with a diameter of 2.78 meters. It can be launched from road- and rail-mobile launcher platforms, as well as silo-based launchers.

“The missile can hit every corner of the earth, allowing China to counter a nuclear strike on the country,” Yang was quoted as saying.

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