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01:25 PM, November 28, 2017
Russian Helicopters’ Ansat Demos High Temp Capability in Pakistan
Russian Helicopters Ansat Chopper

Russian Helicopters has successfully demonstrated the capability of its Ansat chopper to operate at extremely high ambient air temperatures as part of ongoing tests in Pakistan.

The Russian company held a presentation of Ansat for potential Pakistani customers in Islamabad yesterday, the Daily Pakistan reported.

The guests learned about the competitive advantages of Ansat and the result of tests being carried  out since late October. The helicopter’s capability to operate at a temperature of up to +50 degrees Celsius has  been ascertained, the report said quoting an executive of Russian Helicopters.

“We received several letters from our potential customers regarding their intention to buy the vehicles. Besides, there is an agreement that Ansat will be inspected by technical experts from a series of Pakistani businesses and governmental agencies,” stated Alexander Scherbinin, Deputy General Director for Marketing and Development of the Russian Helicopters holding company.

“This helicopter also arouses interest in Asia and the Middle East, therefore, extension of the temperature range would allow us to increase the number of potential buyers,” he added.

The Ansat is a civilian transport helicopter that can also be utilized as a military transport or troop carrier.

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