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12:43 PM, December 4, 2017
Brahmos, Godrej Aerospace to Announce Strategic Partnership
Brahmos air launched missile

Brahmos Aerospace, an Indo-Russian missile manufacturer and India's Godrej Aerospace plan to announce a strategic partnership.

The two companies have scheduled a media event tomorrow to announce the partnership. Heads of the two firms, Jamshyd Godrej of Godrej and Boyce and Sudhir Mishra, CEO and MD of Brahmos Aerospace will be present on the occasion.

Brahmos Aerospace makes the 'Brahmos' supersonic cruise missile, while Godrej Aerospace has been involved with the Indian space and missile programs making parts for satellites and missile casings.

Brahmos has met with several success in the recent past including the launch of the Brahmos missile from the underbelly of the Su-30MKI aircraft of the Indian Air Force.

Godrej's expertise includes working with advance materials such as Inconel (nickel-chromium super alloy) and Titanium, which are  used in the defence and aerospace industries.

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