Russia Offers MiG-29 Aircraft for Argentina’s Fighter Jet Program

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  • 10:01 AM, December 5, 2017
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Russia Offers MiG-29 Aircraft for Argentina’s Fighter Jet Program
MiG-29 fighter jet

Russia has offered MiG-29 fighter aircraft for Argentina’s fighter jet program. Moscow sent all the necessary materials for taking part in the tender.

"Speaking about Argentina’s possible acquisition of Russian MiG-29s, I want to note that the hardware is being selected in compliance with the required parameters and on a tender basis while a final decision on the aircraft purchase is within the competence of the leadership of the Argentine Republic,” Deputy Director of the Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation Anatoly Punchuk was quoted as saying by TASS on Monday.

“As of today, the Russian side has said it is ready to take part in the tender and submitted all the required materials. We hope to win in the tender," he added.

Russia Offers MiG-29 Aircraft for Argentina’s Fighter Jet Program

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