Ukrainian Companies Pitch for Brazilian Tamandare Corvette Project

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  • 07:47 PM, December 5, 2017
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Ukrainian Companies Pitch for Brazilian Tamandare Corvette Project
Brazilian Tamandare class corvette: artist's concept

Ukrainian Defence and shipbuilding companies have announced their intention to bid for Brazil’s Tamandare type corvette construction project, the tender for which is expected in early 2018.

Representatives of the State Enterprise "UkrinMash" and of the Defense Industrial Complex of Ukraine,  part of the state-owned "Ukroboronprom", visited Rio- de Janeiro late last month, a press statement from the Ukrainian firm said.

The Brazilian side was briefed about production capacity of Ukrainian shipbuilding companies, as well as capabilities of the Defense Industrial Complex of Ukraine which could be offered as part of the Tamandare type corvette project of the Brazilian Navy.

The two parties made a joint decision on the need for further expansion of bilateral cooperation between Ukraine and Brazil in the field of shipbuilding. In turn, representatives of the Naval Forces Command of Brazil expressed their confidence in the importance of the participation of the enterprises of the Defense Industrial Complex of Ukraine in the construction of the Tamandare type corvette.

At the moment, the State Enterprise "Ukrinmash" together with the enterprises of the Defense Industrial Complex of Ukraine have begun preparation for participation in the tender, the announcement of which is expected in the first quarter of 2018.

Earlier in May this year, the Brazilian Navy kicked off the process for construction of four Tamandaré class corvettes by inviting Brazilian and foreign companies to participate in a future bidding process.

Some 21 companies from different countries answered the Navy’s initial announcement. The release of a request for propsals will take place during the second half of 2017 with the announcement of the technical specifications of the ship’s design. However it appears that the technical specs would be released only in early 2018.

“Acquiring the corvettes is one of the Navy’s top priorities, along with developing new conventional and nuclear-powered submarines,” said Rear Admiral Petronio Augusto Siqueira de Aguiar, head of the Navy’s Program Management Board, was quoted as saying by a Brazian defence website, Dialogo.

He explained that the decision regarding the Tamandaré class vessels is based on a broader objective of expanding and modernizing the Brazilian Navy’s operational capacity. After that, a series of surface vessels is expected to be acquired, which includes not only corvettes, but also frigates, logistic support vessels, and amphibious ships.

“The main advantage of acquiring Tamandaré class corvettes is the new ship’s flexibility, able to perform an array of tasks like protecting naval units, attacks on submarines, patrolling Brazil’s territorial waters to protect economic activities, and even participating in areas under the auspices of international organizations in support of our foreign policy,” Rear Adm. Petronio stated in comments made to Dialogo.

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