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12:13 PM, December 7, 2017
Indian MoD Issues RFI to Modernize Naval Aircraft Yards at Goa and Kochi
SeaKing Helicopter at Naval Aircraft Yard in Kochi (Image: S Anandan via the Hindu)

The Indian Ministry of Defense (MoD) has issued a Request for Information to upgrade and modernise the infrastructure of Naval Aircraft Yards at Goa and Kochi.

The MoD intends to modernize the two aircraft yards by procurement and establishment of various modern facilities / machinery / Systems/ equipment. The proposal involves procurement, installation, commissioning, testing and training on various modern machinery / equipment / Systems /facilities along with necessary auxiliary facilities as well as civil work and structural work on “Turnkey” basis. Procurement is intended to be under Buy (Indian) categorization as per Defense Procurement Policy 2016, according to the RFI document issued on Thursday.

NAYs have the following major areas in which the maintenance activities are carried out and where the modernisation; Aircraft Hangars, Production/ maintenance blocks containing different types of labs/ workshops, Ground Handling Equipment (GHE)/ Ground Support Equipment (GSE), Special trolley section, Air stores and Administrative blocks.

The implementation of modernisation proposed is envisaged within 36 months from date of signing the contract.

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