Estonia Receives Next Batch of Javelin Anti-tank Missiles from US

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  • 12:50 PM, December 13, 2017
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Estonia Receives Next Batch of Javelin Anti-tank Missiles from US
Javelin Anti-tank missile (Image: Raytheon)

The Estonian defense forces have received the next batch of Javelin anti-tank missiles from the US.

This time, the deliveries were of newer version of Javelin block-1 missiles with higher speed and breaking capacity than the previous block-0 type missiles that arrived in Estonia under the same program, Estonian defense ministry said in a statement Tuesday.

"Block-1 rockets are an advanced engine compared to the first-generation ammunition, as well as advanced rocket-propelled software and increased explosive-power capacity, which provides a faster flight and more destructive power to the rocket," said Major General Risto Pärtel of the Defense Forces.

Estonia has so far received ammunition worth $33 million by the US funding from the European Security Assistance Force.

The upgrade from block 0 to block 1 of Javelin missiles extend the detection, recognition and identification range of the CLUs while doubling the operating time.

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