Czech Manufacturer to Produce Components for Swedish Mjölner Mortar System

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  • 09:19 AM, December 19, 2017
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Czech Manufacturer to Produce Components for Swedish Mjölner Mortar System
CV-90 Infantry Vehicle of BAE Systems

BAE Systems has signed a contract with Czech manufacturer Laser Centrum CZ, Ltd. to produce mechanical components for the Swedish Army’s Mjölner mortar system.

This arrangement will help BAE Systems support the Czech government’s effort to replace the Army’s legacy fleet of BMP II IFVs. BAE Systems is offering the CV90 vehicle for the program.

The contract with Laser Centrum is the second made in 2017 with a Czech company for participation in the Swedish Mjölner system programme. In May, Czech manufacturer Ray Service was selected to develop and produce cabling assemblies for 40 mortar systems.

Additionally, Slovak defence company Konstrukta-Defence, a.s was chosen to produce 84 120-millimeter barrels in September as part of a multimillion Euro contract for the mortar systems.

Laser Centrum offers precision metal sheet manufacturing services, including laser cutting, metal bending, and welding. The contract will support work for the Mjölner system, which is being integrated on the Swedish Army’s fleet of CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs).

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