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09:36 AM, December 21, 2017
Qatari Army Unveils New China-made Short-range Ballistic Missile System
Qatari Army Showcases China-made Short-range Ballistic Missile System (Twitter|@JosephHDempsey)

Qatar’s armed forces showcased China-made short-range ballistic missile system, dubbed ‘SY-400’, during its 2017 National Day Parade on Monday.

The Diplomat reports citing a statement made by an arms analyst Joseph Dempsey that the Qatari SY-400 units appear to have been modified and are capable of carrying two larger caliber BP-12A canisters instead of eight SY-400 canisters.

The BP-12A is a larger SRBM that may be capable of precisely delivering conventional warheads ranging up to 500 kilograms to similar ranges as the SY-400. These systems are manufactured by Sichuan Aerospace Industry Corporation (SCAIC).

The 400 mm missile system is capable of delivering conventional payloads of around 200 kilograms to a range of 400 kilometers.

According to a 2009 U.S. State Department cable, the “SY400 is marketed as a 150-200-km-range system that carries a 200-300 kg warhead, uses a launcher that carries eight missiles, and is capable of achieving an accuracy of 50 meters”.

Unveiled in 2008, the SY-400 is comparable to Russia’s own Iskander-E SRBM. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army classifies the system as precision rocket artillery, hence it is not limited by 300 km range export restrictions set by Missile Technology Control Regime.

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