Saab to Support S Korean KF-X Fighter Jet’s AESA Radar Development

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  • 12:07 PM, December 23, 2017
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Saab to Support S Korean KF-X Fighter Jet’s AESA Radar Development
KF-X fighter jet illustration by South Korean Air Force

Saab has received an order for support of algorithm development and evaluation of airborne AESA radar for South Korea’s indigenous KF-X fighter jet.

The radar development programme is led by the Korean Agency for Defence Development (ADD) and Saab will work in cooperation with ADD and its contractual partner LIG Nex1. The order value is MSEK 125 (US$25 million).

The Republic of Korea has a long-term ambition to develop a domestic fighter aircraft, including relevant avionic equipment such as AESA radar. For Saab, the present contract is an important milestone, and shows that Saab is an important partner in the longer term for Republic of Korean authorities and industry.

“We are proud to be part of the airborne AESA radar development program. This further proves our position as the leading provider and partner to develop the latest fighter aircraft technology and sub systems”, says Anders Carp, head of Saab’s business area Surveillance. “One of our objectives is to partner with Republic of Korean industry and government to support the development of a domestic fighter”.

LIG Nex1 Co. Ltd. is based in Seoul and develops and produces a wide range of advanced precision electronic systems.

Seoul was developing its locally-made fighter jet, initially named as KF-X, with support from Lockheed Martin but the US government denied it four critical technologies including that of the AESA radar. The AAD then vowed to develop the technologies on its own.

South Korea has roped in Indonesia as a partner in the KF-X fighter jet program in which the latter is to fund a part of the program in exchange for the rights to manufacture some of the aircraft.

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