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08:13 AM, December 27, 2017
US Pilots to Test Taiwan’s Four Upgraded F-16 Fighter Jets
First F-16 V-configured flight (Image: Lockheed Martin/Randy Crites)

American test pilots have reached Taiwan to carry out ground tests on four Republic of China Air Force (RoCAF) F-16 fighter jets upgraded to the V-model.

Taiwan is expecting delivery of the first batch of short-range air-to-air missiles, the AIM-9X Block II Sidewinder from US next year. With the latest AN / APG-83 AESA radar and joint helmet targeting system, the air force will be able to use the latest infrared imagery guidance system for AIM-9X missiles to conduct large-angle decentering Flight "after shot" attack, a substantial increase in F-16V fighter air defense in the deterrent, Storm.mg news portal said in its report Tuesday.

Although the United States still has not agreed to sell Taiwan's new generation of F-35 fighters to Taiwan, the Taiwan Air Force successfully won the latest AIM-9X in its F-16V "Fongshan Project" with F-16A / B fighter performance upgrade.

Taiwan's AIM-9X missile contains 140 live ammunition and 56 training ammunition, and is expected to be delivered in batches by March 2019 in full. 

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