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09:49 AM, January 3, 2018
Indian Navy Carrier Based MiG-29K Aircraft Crashes in Goa
Mig-29K fighter jet abroad aircraft carrier: Image by Migavia

An Indian Navy’s Mig-29K fighter jet has crashed at Goa airport after it skidded off the runway today.

“A Mig29K aircraft with under-trainee pilot goes off runway while taking off at Goa airport. Pilot ejects to safety. Fire on aircraft being extinguished,” the official twitter handle of the Indian Navy tweeted Wednesday.

Flight operations at Dabolim (Goa) airport have been resumed after an hour after the incident took place.

"All flights are likely to be delayed at Goa Airport as the runway is closed for operations due to Indian Navy's urgent operational requirements," Goa airport authorities said on Twitter.

External fire extinguished. Efforts in hand to localise & extinguish internal fire onboard the MiG29k aircraft, the Navy Spokesperson said.

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