Russia to Modernize Marine Aviation Fleet in 2018

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  • 11:31 AM, January 5, 2018
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Russia to Modernize Marine Aviation Fleet in 2018
Russian Su-30SM fighter jet

Russia will receive six Su-30SM fighter aircraft and will continue re-equipping the coastal-based operational-tactical aviation on Su-30SM aircraft started in 2017.

"In 2017, naval aviation of the Navy was replenished with new aircrafts, and a planned modernization of existing equipment was successfully carried out. No less ambitious plans for renewal for the future, “Chief of Russian Naval Aviation Major-General Igor Kozhin was quoted as saying by tvzvezda Friday.

In 2018, an active modernization of the Marine Aviation Fleet of the Russian Navy will be carried out. This was announced by the Chief of Naval Aviation of the Navy Hero of Russia Major-General Igor Kozhin.

This year, the Navy will receive six aircraft. In the future, the entire fleet of operational-tactical aircraft on the Su-30SM will change, Kozhin said.

In 2018, the Naval Aviation of the Navy will continue its work on the modernization of a fleet of aircraft with significant service lives. This concerns the modernization of the Il-38 aircraft in the Il-38N version - Novella, and the renewal of the Ka-27 helicopter fleet on the Ka-27M. For the near future, the Ka-27M will form the basis for anti-submarine forces and target designation forces for naval groupings, he added.

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