Russia Completes Development of Small-caliber Ammunition for Su-57 Fighter Aircraft

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  • 12:49 PM, January 8, 2018
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Russia Completes Development of Small-caliber Ammunition for Su-57 Fighter Aircraft
Su-57 Russian fifth generation fighter aircraft (Image: Wikipedia)

Russia has completed the development of small-caliber ammunition for its fifth generation fighter Su-57 (PAK FA).

"Development of small-caliber ammunition for the PAK FA is completed," Vladimir Lepin, Director General of Techmash said in an interview with Interfax Monday.

The testing of the new small-caliber ammunition for the Mi-28 and Ka-52 helicopters will also be completed in the near future, Lipin added.

The Drel air bomb can be adopted into the Russian army as early as 2018, after the completion of its tests.

"State tests of a new base sample of a 500-kilogram bombing cluster in equipment with self-targeting military elements began in 2016," Interfax reported quoting Lipin.

On the prospects of using the 40-mm grenade, Balkan, by the Russian troops, Lipin said, “The all arms operation of the grenade was started in 2017. It has been providing a significant increase in combat use and the range of fire of automatic grenade launcher systems. Balkan is being improved in terms of increasing its operational characteristics such as day-night sighting device, cartridge belt and other elements. Russia plans to complete the combined arms tests of Balkan and will subsequently adopt it in 2018”.

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