China Modifies H-6G Bomber into Electronic Warfare Aircraft

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  • 09:03 AM, January 22, 2018
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China Modifies H-6G Bomber into Electronic Warfare Aircraft
China Modifies H-6G Bomber into Electronic Warfare Aircraft

China has deployed modified H-6G bomber fitted with Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) pods to the disputed South China Sea region, in a move to greatly enhance the navy's capabilities in modern warfare to safeguard the country's sea rights, local media reports.

The H-6G bomber developed for 10 years with the ECM pods being equipped underneath its wings, can engage in combat missions using electronic jamming, suppression, and anti-radiation. It was the first time the bomber played "a supporting role in the electronic warfare," Global Times reports citing Military Time, a China Central Television CCTV military program on Saturday. 

"The main role of the electronic fighters is to obstruct the enemies' electronic jamming devices - for example, radar, to temporarily or permanently, if powerful enough, cover the surveillance devices and to hide our combat platforms' track," Song Zhongping, a military expert and TV commentator, told the Global Times. 

Song added that "the H-6G electronic warfare aircraft boasts of high electronic jamming power and can cover relatively bigger combat areas such as the South China Sea and East China Sea."

China has developed advanced and standardized ECM pods to modify multiple types of fighter jets for such combat requirements, such as the J-15 type fighter jets. Using the ECM pods in fighters is the most efficient and effective way, Song noted. 

China's JH-7 fighter bomber was also seen carrying such ECM pods in previous PLA Air Force military practices, according to CCTV.

China's PLA Navy deploys such EMC pods carrying aircraft together with its warships and other combat vessels for electronic combat missions and to enhance combat capabilities, Song said.

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