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11:28 AM, January 22, 2018
Russian Navy Receives Modernized Ka-29 and Ka-27M Helicopters
Russian Navy Receives Modernized Ka-29 and Ka-27M Helicopters. Image: Russian MOD

Russia’s two naval air bases of the Pacific Fleet took deliveries of one modernized Kamov Ka-27M multipurpose helicopter and two Ka-29 modernized ship-based combat transport helicopters on Monday.

The helicopters were delivered to two bases stationed in the Primorsky Krai and Kamchatka, Far east region of the country, by Il-76 military transport airplanes. Three helicopters have undergone scheduled intermediate overhaul, and were modernized at the Kumertau aircraft enterprise.

According to Russian Defense Ministry, the Navy crew will start operating them soon.

The Navy received the first batch of six upgraded Ka-29 Helicopters in November 10, 2017. The Ka-27M deliveries are the third one since December 2016.

The helicopters are equipped with a new tactical command system that includes new acoustic and magnetometric systems, a radio reconnaissance system, an information computation system and an active phased array airborne radar station.

The KA-29 helicopter may be used in two variants: transport and combat. In the transport variant provision is made to carry up to 2000 kg of the load (16 persons) in the transport compartment and up to 4000 kg on the external load sling system.

Multirole Ka-27 type helicopters of various modifications are currently the basis of the helicopter units of the Russian Naval Aviation. They provide aerial reconnaissance at sea, anti-submarine protection of naval groups, detection, tracing and destruction of submarines and ships, perform search-and-rescue operations for crews of aerial vehicles and ships who are in distress; they also implement transport tasks for ensuring successful activity of naval groups.