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08:41 AM, January 24, 2018
Leonardo Delivers Upgraded Al Manama Ships to Bahraini Navy
Leonardo delivers upgraded Al Manama naval vessels to Bahrain

Leonardo delivered the first of six upgraded Al Manama naval vessels to the Bahraini Navy at a ceremony in Mina Salman at Royal Bahrain Navy Headquarters on January 22.

The delivery follows a deal signed with the Royal Bahrain Naval Force in 2015. The upgrade includes a new weapon control system, training services and logistics, a Leonardo statement said.

The Al-Manama class guided-missile patrol combatant upgrade program is worth €50 to upgrade a total of six naval vessels by 2020.

The Al-Manama-class vessels were built for Bahrain by German shipbuilder Lürssen with deliveries starting in 1987.

Also called FPB 62 patrol combatants, these vessels displace 650 meters and have a crew complement of 40. According to shipbuilder specifications, they were delivered with an OTO Melara 76 mm gun, an Otobreda 40 mm gun, MM40 Exocet anti-ship missiles and Dagaie decoys.

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