Russian Delegation In Indonesia In Talks For Su-35 Fighters Deal: TASS

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  • 01:36 PM, January 25, 2018
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Russian Delegation In Indonesia In Talks For Su-35 Fighters Deal: TASS
Russian Delegation In Indonesia In Talks For Sukhoi-35 Fighters Deal: TASS

A Russian delegation in Indonesia is holding talks on a contract for the supply of Sukhoi-35 fighter jets, a source in the system of Russia’s military-technical cooperation with other countries told TASS on Thursday.

"A Russian delegation in Indonesia is negotiating the terms of a contract for the supply of Sukhoi-35 jets with Indonesian partners," the source said.

According to earlier reports Jakarta would like to purchase ten multirole fighter jets Sukhoi-35 that would replace outdated F-5 Tiger planes of US manufacture, which the Indonesian military has used since 1980. Rostec corporation later said a commercial proposal for selling 11 planes was handed over to Indonesia.

Russia is expected to grant Indonesia a loan for the purchase of the military aircraft. The Indonesian defense ministry budgeted a total of $1.5 billion for the purchase of up to 16 new fighter jets. The defense minister neither revealed the price for the 11 Su-35s nor whether the contract contains an option to purchase five additional Su-35 fighter jets at a fixed price in the future.

Sukhoi-35 is a generation 4++ highly maneuverable multirole fighter jet equipped with on-board phased array radar and a thrust vector control (TVC) engine. It is capable of developing a speed of up to 2,500 kilometers per hour and has a range of flight of 3,400 kilometers (combat range of about 1,600 kilometers). The fighter is armed with a 30 mm gun and has twelve weapon stations for bombs and rockets.

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