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01:03 PM, January 30, 2018
Australian Firm Electro Optic Systems Announces A$410 Foreign Contract
The Oshkosh Joint Light Tactical Vehicle JLTV is outfitted with an EOS R400SMK2 remote weapon system.

Australian firm Electro Optic Systems (EOS) has secured a $410 million contract to supply its new R400S-Mk2 remote weapons systems to an undisclosed overseas customer with the help of Australia’s export agency Efic.

This contract brings the sales of this weapons system to $600 million in its first 12 months of release, Defence Connect reports.

The EOS R400S-Mk2 is a stabilised, single weapon station with flexible ballistic protection. EOS said the small dispersed control modules allow integration into tight internal vehicle spaces.

It also features an integrated video tracker, an integrated battlefield sector scan, integrated firing inhibit zones and various sensors, including a laser rangefinder and day and thermal cameras.

"This innovative technology for the first time allows 30mm cannon systems to be deployed with unprecedented accuracy on light vehicles, significantly enhancing lethality and protection without compromising mobility, and at low cost. It meets and over-matches current threats," EOS chief executive Dr Ben Greene was quoted as saying.

"All $600 million of new contracts are deliverable in monthly shipments from 2018-2022 and follow-on awards for additional equipment, spare parts, servicing and support are expected. EOS is also negotiating contracts with other customers who have completed their tendering process and already selected EOS. Further awards are likely," EOS Chief added.

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