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02:06 PM, February 14, 2018
Chinese Shipbuilding Firm Launches Corvette for Bangladesh Navy
Third C13B corvette for Bangladesh. Image: Sina

China’s top shipbuilder China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) on Monday launched the third Shadhinota-class C13B corvette for the Bangladesh Navy, according to Sina.

The Shadhinota class (C13B) is a modular warship design based on the Type 056 stealth surface warfare guided missile corvette. It is designed to perform a wide range of tasks including patrolling, anti-air warfare and anti-surface warfare. 

The third C13B is reportedly equipped with a phased-array radar, potentially the SR2410C radar. This is an upgrade to the older mechanically-steered air and sea-search radars that equipped Bangladesh’s earlier vessels, quwa reports.

The Bangladesh Navy took delivery of its first two C13B corvettes in 2015 – i.e. the BNS Shadhinota (F11) and BNS Prottoy (F112). These are each equipped with four (2×2) C-802 anti-ship missiles, one FL-3000N point-defence missile system and one 76 mm main gun.

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