Russia-Saudi S-400 Missile System Deal Enters Technical Discussions Stage

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  • 12:20 PM, February 19, 2018
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Russia-Saudi S-400 Missile System Deal Enters Technical Discussions Stage
S-400 air defence system at a Russian defence trade show

Negotiations on sale of Russian S-400 missile systems to Saudi Arabia have entered the technical and logistics details stage.

"Regarding the S-400, detail discussions are continuing between the two sides on the final arrangements of this. We are discussing technical issues, especially regarding technology transfer and know-how," Saudi Ambassador to Russia Raed bin Khaled Qrimli was quoted as saying by TASS on Monday.

Earlier, Russian president’s military technical cooperation aide Vladimir Kozhin said in an interview with the Kommersant daily that documents on S-400 deliveries to Saudi Arabia had been signed, with all the parameters agreed.

The S-400 is proving to be Russia’s most successful defence export in recent years. With sales to China and Turkey and negotiations on with Saudi Arabia and India, Russia is looking at revenues in the region of US$10 billion from the S-400 sales.

In addition, Qatar and Egypt have been mentioned as potential customers of the S-400 system which can hit aerodynamic targets at a range of up to 400 kilometers (249 miles) and tactical ballistic targets flying at a speed of 4.8 km/s (3 mi/s) at a distance of up to 60 kilometers (37 miles). Targets include cruise missiles, tactical and strategic aircraft and ballistic missile warheads.

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