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04:11 AM, February 20, 2018
T-90S tank with active protection system

Iraq’s Defense Ministry has received the first batch of 36 T-90S tanks from Russia under a contract to supply 73 tanks.

Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Army, Lieutenant-General Othman Al-Ghanmi was quoted as saying by Iraq’s Shafaq news.

Al-Ghanmi, who paid an inspection visit to Basra, confirmed that the 36 Russian-made tanks had been delivered to Iraq. The rest 37 such tanks under the contract would reach Iraq by late April.

Earlier, Arab media cited a source in the Iraqi defense ministry as saying that the T-90S tanks had been delivered to the port city of Umm Qasr on February 15 to be later transported by Baghdad.

The T-90S tanks delivered to Baghdad come equipped with an active armor protection system which is claimed to deflect anti-tank armor piercing rounds and even offer some degree of protection against shoulder-fired anti-tank missiles.

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