First Astrium/DCNS Partnership In Naval Telecommunications

  • (Source: Astrium)
  • 12:00 AM, December 2, 2008
  • 1740
PARIS --- Astrium Services and DCNS have been selected by the French armament procurement agency (DGA) to supply the Telcomarsat system. Fifty-four ships in the French navy will be equipped with this military telecommunications system provided by commercial satellites. The solution and services on IP support, offered by Astrium Services and DCNS will be based on off-the-shelf products.>> This successful joint bid with DCNS confirms the French navys confidence in us, and is now encouraging us to enhance our offer on the naval telecommunications market. Following on from ASTEL-S and Passerel, Telcomarsat is expanding the range of services that we provide to the French Ministry of Defence. Im extremely proud that Astrium Services is helping to enhance the operational effectiveness of the French navy, and is improving communications between the French military wherever personnel are based around the world and the French national territory, Eric Branger, CEO of Astrium Services, said after the new contract was signed.>> Christian Foissey, senior vice-president for services at DCNS explained that this partnership ensures the management of the global system for the ground and naval segments. And this bid demonstrates the forceful determination of DCNS to be a major player in ship-borne communication systems.>> The four-year Telcomarsat project is worth twenty five million euros and will provide the SYRACUSE military network that is currently in use with additional solutions by extending global coverage. It will also provide broadband telecommunications to ships that are not equipped with the SYRACUSE system.