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10:23 AM, March 1, 2018
Indian Army’s Nag Anti-Tank Guided Missile Ready For Induction
Indian Army’s Nag Anti-Tank Guided Missile Ready For Induction

India’s locally-made Anti Tank Guided Missile (ATGM), Nag was successfully tested on Wednesday in desert conditions against two tank targets at different ranges and timings.

The tests “have once again proved its capability,” a statement by the Indian Ministry of Defense (MoD) says. “With this, the developmental trials of the missile have been completed and it is now ready for induction.” 

The Nag is a fire-and-forget short range missile effective against armored target developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

Director General (Missiles and Strategic Systems) Dr G. Satheesh Reddy said with the successful test flights, technologies pertaining to the ATGM to engage targets in different conditions have been established. 

Nag is a third-generation, fire-and-forget, anti-tank guided missile developed to support both mechanised infantry and airborne forces of the Indian Army. It can be launched from land and air-based platforms. The land version is currently available for integration on the Nag missile carrier (NAMICA), which is derived from a BMP-2 tracked infantry combat vehicle.

DRDO has also been working on a more advanced air-launched variant of the Nag, the Helina ATGM with a maximum range of up to seven kilometers.

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