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10:37 AM, March 13, 2018
Ilyushin Offers IL-114-300 As Alternative to AN-24/AN-26 Turbo-prop Aircraft
Ilyushin IL-114-300 aircraft illustration: Image credit Ilyushin Aviation

Russia’s Ilyushin Aviation Complex has offered its IL-114-300 turboprop as alternatives to ageing Ukrainian origin AN-24/AN-26 aircraft which are being used by regional airlines in Russia and as military transports in various parts of the world.

JSC ILis ready to launch batch production of IL-114-300 aircraft at the earliest possible juncture. These aircraft will be able to replace imported aircraft used by Russian air carriers for interregional flights, a March 6 statement by Ilyshin said.

IL-114-300 is to replace imported aircraft of such type and outdated AN-24/AN-26. Unlike its foreign analogues, IL-114-300 can take off and land using unprepared airfields.

Currently, all the necessary documentation is being prepared to organise production of this aircraft in Russia, and as early as in 2020, the first production IL-114-300 aircraft is to make its flight in Lukhovitsy, Moscow region.

“We realize that the regional aviation market is quite promising, and due to the current political situation, Russian air companies should think about replacing the park with home-made aircraft. We have a lot to offer in this regard.

If there is a respective order, we are ready to launch batch production of regional IL-114-300 shortly. The aircraft, with new engines and a new cabin, will be able to compete with aircraft of the largest western producers”, said the UAC vice-president for transport aviation and PJSC «IL» general director Alexey Rogozin.

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