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10:35 AM, March 21, 2018
Russian Ka-226T Helicopter Certified for Hot Weather Operation
Russian Ka-226T helicopter certified for hot weather operation

Russian Federal Aviation Agency (Rosaviation) has certified the Ka-226T helicopter as fit for operation at high temperatures.

The certification makes it possible to start exporting the helicopters to countries with the hot climate. Ka-226T is a product of Russian Helicopters Holding, a subsidiary of Rostec State Corporation.

Rosaviation issued the certificate based on testing carried out by Russian Helicopters specialists and Iran Helicopter Support and Renewal Company technicians in Iran in September 2017. The testing was done in order to prove normal functioning of the machine at outdoor temperature of up to 50 degrees centigrade.

“The potential users of our helicopter had a chance to learn about its capabilities at a news conference we had upon completion of the testing in Iran last fall. Naturally, the official approval will help us negotiate with companies interested to purchase the machine” - Russian Helicopters Holding Director General Andrey Boginsky acknowledged.

Ka-226T light multi-purpose helicopter features two turbo shaft 580 h. p. engines and full electronic control as well as modern airborne avionics. Operating speed is 220 km/h, operating ceiling - 5700 m. The machine has gross take-off weight of 3.6 tons and can carry up to 1 ton of cargo.

Russian Helicopters has entered into an agreement with HAL of India to manufacture over 200 machines both for use in India and for exports. A joint venture company has been formed for the purpose.

The helicopter incorporates a modular design and can be easily adapted for different functionalities. It can be operated from small-sized touchdown sites and heliport decks, is suitable for around-the-clock operation, and boasts of unlimited all-weather capability.

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