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02:12 PM, March 23, 2018
Rostec Subsidiary Develops Substitutes for Ukrainian Components in Tu-204, Il-76 aircraft

Technodinamika Holding, a part of the Rostec State Corporation, has started the production of the full line of parts and components for GP-26 hydraulic drives for Russian produced Tu-204 and Il-76 aircrafts.

The firm is engaged in the large-scale import substitution program. The start of production of hydraulic drives for Tu-204 and Il-76 aircrafts has become yet another step to completely substitute foreign produced items with Russian production. Besides, the Holding has doubled the production of parts and components for GP-25 hydraulic drives for Russian produced Su-33 type aircraft and its modifications. Those products are manufactured at Rumyantsev MPO factory. A trial set of parts for GP-22 hydraulic drives used on Tu-22M3 strategic missile-carriers has been also manufactured.

“Mastering of a new production in such a short period of time has enabled the “Technodinamika” Holding to become Russia’s basic company to supply parts and components for a whole line of generator-drives. Those drives are used to ensure uninterrupted power supply of an aircraft regardless of the engine operation mode”, “Technodinamika” Holding General Director Igor Nasenkov commented.

“Technodinamika” Holding mastered the production and started manufacturing of 52 different items in course with the import substitution program. The company plans to completely substitute all crucial foreign-produced components for the aviation industry in 2018.

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