Russia Working On Airborne Robotized Multiple Launch Rocket System

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  • 03:05 PM, March 30, 2018
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Russia Working On Airborne Robotized Multiple Launch Rocket System
Russia Working On Airborne Robotized Multiple Launch Rocket System. Image: TASS

Russia is working on development of new multiple launch rocket system which will be incorporating robotic remote control elements to strike both land and air targets, the head of Tecmash Research and Production Group told TASS.

"We are setting the aim of creating a system capable of hitting both ground and air targets. It will be capable of striking helicopters and drones in the close proximity of 1.5-2 km and at an altitude of no more than 1 km," Tecmash Deputy CEO Alexander Kochkin said at the ArmHiTec-2018 exhibition on Friday. The new weapon is intended for use in the Airborne Force, marine infantry and Special Forces, he said.

According to Kochkin, the new multiple launch rocket system will fire specially designed shells and 50-80mm aircraft rockets already accepted for service.

The new weapon will also get automated reload and land navigation systems. The robotic multiple launch rocket system will feature an automated multichannel guidance and fire control system allowing it to effectively hit targets at night and amid smoke and dustiness on the battlefield.

The company head said it is working on plan to discuss the technical specifications jointly with the Defense Ministry for this newsystem in the near future.

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