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10:41 AM, April 14, 2018
Czech Air Force Completes MS20 Upgrade to its Gripen Fighter Fleet
Gripen fighter jet (Image: Saab)

The Czech Air Force has completed the MS20 capability upgrade to its fleet of Gripen fighter aircraft.

The MS20 upgrades include incorporating unguided and laser-guided bombs, new radar modes into the aircraft payload. Other upgrades include integrating the targeting electro-optical pod Litening III which will be used not only for guiding missiles and bombs, but also in aerial reconnaissance and combat. The upgrade also implements the Alliance datalink - Link 16 - as well as cryptomodules for covert communication, Saab said in a statement Wednesday.

The capability upgrade involves both hardware and software upgrades. On 12 March 2018, a symbolic date marking the 19th anniversary of Czech Republic’s entry into NATO, the new software package was integrated into the single and double seat versions of the Czech Gripen. After successful flight tests the MS20 software was integrated into the remaining fighters.

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