Syrian Cancer Medicine Research Facility Destroyed in US-led Missile Attack

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  • 08:31 AM, April 16, 2018
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Syrian Cancer Medicine Research Facility Destroyed in US-led Missile Attack
Syrian Pharmaceutical Cancer Research Center hit by US-led coalition bombing (Image: SANA)

A Syrian cancer medicine research facility in Barzeh was destroyed during the recent US-coalition led air strikes carried out Saturday.

“Few of the missiles of the tripartite US-British-French aggression on Syria have hit the scientific research center specialized with cancer medicine in Barzeh, causing extensive damage to the scientific facility,” the Syrian Arab news agency reported along with the photographs of the building Sunday.

The facility, called the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries Research Institute, works on preparing the chemical compositions for cancer drugs, and conducts chemical analyses of the materials entering Syria which are used in pharmaceutical and food industries, the report stated.

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