Ukraine Tests New Anti-tank Guided Missile System ‘Skif’

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  • 01:18 PM, April 20, 2018
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Ukraine Tests New Anti-tank Guided Missile System ‘Skif’
Ukraine Tests New Anti-tank Guided Missile System ‘Skif’. Image: Ukroboronprom

Ukroboronprom’s State Kyiv Design Bureau Luch announced Thursday the successful testing of its advanced anti-tank guided missile system "Skif", an export variant of the Ukrainian ‘Stugna-P’, at one of the military testing grounds.

The design of the advanced AT guided missile system "Skif" has undergone a number of changes in accordance with the requirements of the potential customer. All modifications aimed at adapting the launcher for use in soft soil and sand. First of all, we are talking about installing a powerful thermal imager, allowing to destroy the targets with the first shot, despite the difficult weather conditions, day and night.

The missile itself has not changed, as originally was designed for use in all climatic and weather conditions, without exception.

Commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, Colonel General Serhiy Popko, highly praised the modernization of the modern Ukrainian AT guided missile system, produced by SKDB "Luch".

"Equipping a regular AT guided missile launcher with a powerful thermal imagery guarantees hitting the enemy’s armored equipment in conditions of poor visibility at night, which once again confirms that our country has an extremely high scientific potential that allows to produce armament and military equipment samples at par with the leading countries," added Serhiy Popko.

The unique development of SKDB "Luch" specialists has a number of technical advantages that guarantee engagement of movable and immovable modern armored targets with combined, spaced or monolithic armor, including active armor.

In addition, the Ukrainian missile complex is also capable of affecting small-scale targets such as weapon emplacements, tanks in the trench, light-armored objects and helicopters, making it a universal deterrent device on the battlefield.

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