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10:25 AM, April 26, 2018
Russian Navy’s First Improved Borei-A-class Nuclear Submarine to Undergo Trails in 2019
Borei-A-class nuclear submarine

Russia’s first improved Borei-A-class strategic nuclear submarine Prince Vladimir will undergo a series of trials in 2019.

"Yes [in 2019]. The sub will have to undergo a wide range of trials, including those that were not held before," Navy Deputy Commander-in-Chief for Armament Vice-Admiral Viktor Bursuk was quoted as saying Tass Wednesday.

The Russian Navy will get the first improved Borei-A-class strategic nuclear submarine Prince Vladimir in 2019, which is later than it was planned, Bursuk said.

The fourth Borei-A class submarine was set to sail in November 2017. The submarine is capable of carrying 16 Bulava missiles, each fitted with up to 10 independently-targetable nuclear warheads.

The Knyaz Vladimir was laid down in 2012 and will become the fourth submarine in the series of eight Borei-class underwater cruisers and the first submarine of the advanced Borei-A Project.

The nuclear sub was initially expected to be delivered to the Navy in 2017 but its delivery date was later rescheduled for 2018.

Intended to eventually replace the ageing Delta III and Typhoon Class submarines, the Borei Class have lower displacement levels than the Typhoon Class, which can carry a similar number of missiles. The submarine also carries six of the SS-N-15 missiles. Each SS-N-15 is a 533mm calibre anti-ship missile that has a range of 45km and is capable of being fitted with a 20kt warhead or a type 40 torpedo.

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