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12:00 PM, April 30, 2018
China Offers 4038 Military Patents for Civilian Use
State intellectual property office of the people's republic of China

China’s National Defense Intellectual Property Office under the Equipment Development Department of China’s CMC has declassified over 4038 military patents for civilian use.

The move is another step to deepen the development of military-civilian integration in the area of national defense intellectual property after the launch of the national defense intellectual property information platform on the PLA Weaponry & Equipment Acquisition Information Network in 2017, a unnamed National Defense Intellectual Property Official was quoted as saying by PLA Daily Saturday.

The 4,038 declassified national defense patents are selected from the patents authorized in the past three years, and cover technologies of high military and civilian commonality including materials, measurement and testing, radar detection, satellite navigation, and telecommunication technologies.

"On the premise of guarding state secrets, we standardized the scope of information that can be made public access in the declassified release of the national defense patents information this time,” the official said.

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