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03:08 PM, May 2, 2018
Boeing to help Produce South African Reconnaissance Plane in the US
Bronco II A (Image: Boeing)

Boeing, through its subsidiary Aviall, will help production of the Advanced High-Performance Reconnaissance Light Aircraft (AHRLAC), developed by South African Paramount Group in the US.

Aviall also is joining the recently launched industry team Bronco Combat Systems to bring the Bronco II aircraft to the US market. Aviall will support supply chain procurement and management for AHRLAC production, including AHRLAC’s militarized variants – Mwari (international) and Bronco II (U.S.). Aviall also will be responsible to secure and scale the U.S. production and sustainment supply chain to meet US acquisition requirements, the company said in a statement Tuesday.

In addition to Aviall’s role, Boeing will provide software-based solutions that enable centralized command and control of flight operations and produce total lifecycle support that reduces sustainment costs.

Bronco II is a two-crew precision-strike and C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) aircraft. It is capable of simultaneously carrying a wide range of weapons, sensors and systems in extended airborne mission operations. The Bronco II Interchangeable Multi-Mission Pod System allows a single airframe to be reconfigured easily to perform multiple roles.

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