Iranian Anti-aircraft Missiles Destroyed In Israeli F-15 Jets’ Attack On Syrian Military Base

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  • 04:15 PM, May 3, 2018
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Iranian Anti-aircraft Missiles Destroyed In Israeli F-15 Jets’ Attack On Syrian Military Base
Fire and explosions are seen in the countryside south of Hama city, Syria, April 29, 2018. U.S. officials say Israel struck Iranian missiles. AP Photo.

Israel’s F-15 fighter jets carried out strikes a Syrian military base near Hama on Sunday destroying a shipment of anti-aircraft missiles stored by Iran in the facility, NBC news reports.

Citing unnamed American sources, the report said Iran has delivered weapons to the military base, including surface-to-air missiles, adding that Iran in the past two weeks has increased cargo flights to Syria with weapons shipments, which includes small arms and anti-aircraft missiles. The report says two U.S. officials believe that the shipments are intended for Iranian ground forces that would attack Israel. 

An official from a regional alliance including Iran, Hezbollah and Syria, said Monday that the strikes killed 16 people, among them 11 Iranians, according to a New York Times report on Monday. The report said the bombardment also destroyed 200 missiles. 

The Syrian army said early on Monday that "enemy" rockets struck military bases belonging to Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime. According to several outlets, the strikes targeted the 47th Brigade base in the southern Hama district, a military facility in northwestern Hama and a facility north of the Aleppo International Airport.

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