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05:05 PM, May 9, 2018
US To Deliver First F-35 Fighter Aircraft To Turkey On June 21

The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) will take delivery of the first of 30 US-built F-35 fighters on June 21 in a ceremony that will be held in the U.S.

Pilots from the TSK will receive intense training at the headquarters of the main producer of the F-35, Lockheed Martin, before the fighters will be transported to Turkey later this year, Hurriyet Daily News reports quoting sources as saying. Sources have also informed that arrangements are underway on military bases in Turkey where the F-35s will be deployed.

Turkey’s current air defense is based on strong F-16 fleets. It plans to upgrade its air force fleets with 100 F-35 aircrafts to be jointly produced under this program. The first package, however, is about the delivery of 30 F-35 fighters.

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