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02:31 PM, May 14, 2018
South Korea Unveils Amphibious Assault Ship
South Korea Unveils Amphibious Assault Ship (Yonhap photo)

South Korea unveiled new 14,500-ton amphibious assault ship today at the shipyard of Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Co. in Busan, local media reports.

"To preserve our maritime sovereignty at sea, which is an arena for both competition and cooperation, and to confidently play a role as a member of the international community, we have to move farther towards greater oceans," Defense Minister Song Young Moo said.

The South Korean Navy's second large-scale transport ship can sail at a maximum speed of 23 knots with some 300 crew members aboard.

The Marado, 199 meters long and 31 meters wide, is capable of carrying more than 700 troops, armored vehicles, high-speed amphibious boats and helicopters.

Code-named LPH-6112, the Marado is also equipped with advanced radar and combat devices, including anti-ship guided missiles produced by South Korea, according to the DAPA. It has a 20-mm Phalanx close-in weapons system, as well, while the Dokdo is installed with the 30-mm Goalkeeper gun. LPH stands for landing platform helicopter.

The Marado will be delivered to the Navy in late 2020 after trial operations, the Defense Acquisition Program Administration said.

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