Syrian Army Rolls Out Heavy Artillery Rocket System

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  • 12:06 PM, May 16, 2018
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Syrian Army Rolls Out Heavy Artillery Rocket System
Syrian Army Rolls Out Heavy Artillery Rocket System

The Syrian Army has unveiled a new rocket system called the Golan-1000, built on a Russian T-72 chassis, currently in service with the army’s 4th Armored Division.  

The new rocket system carries three massive 500 mm rounds, each packed with 500 kg of high-explosive fragmentation ammunition, Sputnik reports.

As per the video, the vehicle's launch system is operated remotely using a simple control pad. 

The report says that the Golan-1000 is presumed to be a short-range launcher meant to defeat enemy fortifications, vehicles and manpower. The vehicle has already been dubbed an "improvised TOS-1" or "rocket monster" by some observers.

The heavy self-propelled artillery system is believed to have already been used against militants in the southern outskirts of Damascus. A video published by Ruptly in late April was said to feature the Golan-1000 firing off rounds into Hajar al-Aswad district, south of Damascus, where Daesh forces were holed up.

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