Denmark Unveils $240M Cyber Defence Plan

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  • 01:17 PM, May 16, 2018
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Denmark Unveils $240M Cyber Defence Plan
Danish Minister of Innovation Sophie Løhde (Image: Screen grab from press conference video on the MoD website)

The Danish government has unveiled a $240 million to protect Authorities, businesses and individuals as part of their strategy for cyber and information security.

The strategy consists of 25 concrete initiatives to strengthen society's defense against cyber-attacks and cybercriminals. The strategy builds on the Defense Agreement 2018-2023. In the coming years, the government will invest 1.5 billion Kronas ($240 million) in Denmark's cyber and information security.

“The threat of hackers and cyber criminals against citizens, businesses and authorities has increased and are becoming more advanced. With this strategy, we aim to strengthen our ability to defend the society against cyber-attacks,” Sophie Løhde, Minister of Innovation said in a press conference Tuesday.

Six sectors are particularly vulnerable if cyber-attacks hit. It concerns the energy, transport, telecommunications, finance, health and maritime sectors.

"The digital threat to our society remains high. We are going to protect the Danish society against the kind of attack. Therefore, we are placing even greater demands on the work of these sectors to avoid serious cyber-attacks,” Sophie said.

As part of the 25 initiatives, The Ministry of Defense is proposing amended legislation in the cyber area, which will strengthen the Center for Cyber ​​Security's ability to detect and stop cyber-attacks and strengthen the Center's analytical work.

The government also plans to set up a 24-hour national cybercrime center to establish a national scenario of the current state of security for community-critical digital networks.

The Situation Center shall conduct technical monitoring of networks, scan sources of intelligence, media and forums for information on new threats and ongoing potentially serious cyber-attacks and at the same time serve as a national focal point for cross-border cyber security incidents.

Denmark had in April last year, accused Russia of hacking into the emails accounts of the nation’s defense ministry. A report published by the Centre for Cyber Security claimed that a group of pro-Kremlin hackers had infiltrated into the emails of defense ministry employees in 2015 and 2016.

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