Ukraine Building Infantry Fighting Vehicle to Replace Soviet Era BMPs

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  • 09:54 AM, May 25, 2018
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Ukraine Building Infantry Fighting Vehicle to Replace Soviet Era BMPs
Ukraine Building Infantry Fighting Vehicle to Replace Soviet Era BMPs (UKROBORONPROM PHOTO)

A Ukrainian Defence Enterprise has started building a new infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) christened 'BMP-U' which will replace the iconic BMP-1 and BMP-2 IFVs designed during the Soviet era.

The new IFV is expected to enter Ukrainian army service in 2020 and will boast of a host of improvements over the old BMPs such as increased firepower, higher speed, lower weight and better crew seating.

Kharkiv Morozov Design Bureau has already developed design documentation, prototype manufacture and testing will take place in 2019.

In order to provide high maneuverability and speed on the battlefield, BMP-U will be equipped with a 735 hp diesel engine and automatic transmission. Given the mass of a new infantry combat vehicle of 25-27 tons, BMP-U specific power is at the level of 27-29 hp / t. This figure is significantly higher than the specific capacity of BMP-1 (21-23 hp / t.) and modern main battle tanks. In addition, the BMP-U will overcome water obstacles.

The BMP-U will be armed with a new combat module BM-8 with improved characteristics. It is equipped with a 30-mm automatic gun, automatic grenade launcher, machine gun, as well as guided anti-tank missiles "Barrier".

BMP-U has modular design, with the possibility of using the base platform for a whole family of tracked vehicles. Thus, command vehicle, command and staff vehicle, reconnaissance, medical, repair and evacuation and other types of vehicles will be created on the basis of BMP-U.

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