(Source: ATK Alliant TechSystems)
12:00 AM, December 5, 2008
BELTSVILLE, Md. --- Alliant Techsystems, in partnership with Goodrich ISR Systems Division, was awarded a contract to produce the first operational Air Force ORS satellite, designated ORS Sat-1. The contract was awarded by the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center's Space Development and Test Wing.>> ATK will provide the spacecraft bus systems to Goodrich, who as the satellite prime contractor will integrate it with their payload. The bus design is based on ATK Space System's Responsive Space Modular Bus (RSMB) designed to meet the needs of the ORS office. "The integrated satellite will provide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance to satisfy an urgent and compelling need for the Combatant Commander," stated Tom Wilson, Vice President of Systems, Thermal and Services for ATK Space Systems. "With this satellite bus, ATK continues to supply our customers with cost effective ISR satellite buses similar to Earth Observer-1 (EO-1), and the soon to be launched TacSat-3.">> ORS Sat-1 is planned for launch in 2010. It leverages capabilities and technologies from Goodrich ISR Systems Division's space and airborne imaging technologies.>> "It's an honor to be selected for this program as it truly highlights the innovative work our team has done to develop the next generation of affordable satellite systems," added Wilson. "This system dramatically reduces cost, risk and schedule, capturing the essence of responsive space.">> The fully capable Responsive Space Modular Bus provides precision pointing, power and thermal management, orbital maneuvering and payload support functionality. RSMB represents the next generation of small spacecraft buses from ATK, building upon the legacy of flight successes. In addition to producing the bus, ATK will play a critical role in mission analysis payload and launch vehicle integration and space vehicle operations.