Poland Offers $2 Billion for US Permanent Military Base to Counter Russian Aggression

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  • 03:45 PM, May 28, 2018
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Poland Offers $2 Billion for US Permanent Military Base to Counter Russian Aggression
The Suwalki Gap (Image: Poland Defense Ministry document)

The Government of Poland has requested the US to enter into a joint-basing agreement to host one US armored division to enhance Europe’s security and protect the Eastern Flank from Russian aggression.

“This proposal outlines the clear and present need for a permanent US armored division deployed in Poland, Poland’s commitment to provide significant support that may reach – $1.5 to 2 billion– by establishing joint military installations and provide for more flexible movement of US forces,” the Ministry of National Defense, Republic of Poland stated in the proposal.

A permanent American military presence in Poland would significantly reduce security vulnerabilities in the region, particularly in the Suwalki Gap. US military leaders, like US Army Europe commander Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, have noted that a narrow piece of land connecting two NATO member states Poland and Lithuania (the Suwalki Gap) could be a target of Russian military aggression, thereby needlessly exposing Polish and NATO forces in the region to a period of potentially escalated conflict, the proposal noted.

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