Israel’s Spike ATGM Selected For Australian Armored Vehicle Competition

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  • 11:06 AM, May 30, 2018
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Israel’s Spike ATGM Selected For Australian Armored Vehicle Competition
Israel’s Spike ATGM Selected For Australian Armored Vehicle Competition

Israel-built anti-tank guided missile, the Spike LR2 has been selected for the Australian LAND 400 armored vehicles program, Australia’s Department of Defence confirmed today.

Rafael has beaten out European consortium MBDA for the anti-tank missile system that will be fitted to Rheinmetall's Boxer CRVs.

Representatives from Defence confirmed that prior to Rheinmetall securing the LAND 400 Phase 2 contract, both the German company and the unsuccessful contender, BAE Systems, had selected the Spike LR2, Defence Connect reports. 

"Both Rheinmetall and BAE selected the Spike, we conducted independent study to have a look at that [Spike LR2 selection]," Australian Major General David Coghlan told Senate estimates.

"DSTG [Defence Science and Technolgy Group] did an independent study, land systems division looked at it, we made a recommendation to the capability manager, they’ve accepted the Spike," he said.

In November 2017, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems had offered its Trophy Active Protection System and Spike missiles for LAND 400 armored vehicles program and plans to open a local company in the country.

However, Major Coghlan refused to give more details on the subcontract between Rafael and Rheinmetall as the negotiations are still underway between the German firm and Australian defense ministry.

The fifth-generation Spike LR 2 design is based on lessons learned from modern warfare as well as from accumulated data from more than 5000 SPIKE missiles fired during training and combat.

The electro-optical, precision-guided missile has two advanced warhead configurations for increased lethality, according to the company. The Tandem HEAT warhead configuration ups the armor penetration capability of the missile by more than 30% and includes the new multipurpose blast warhead, which allows controlled fusing by the gunner for control of the desired effect.

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