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12:08 PM, June 26, 2018
Azerbaijan Buys SOM Cruise Missile from Turkey's ROKETSAN
SOM cruise missile made by ROKETSAN

The Azerbaijan Air Force (AAF) has displayed SOM cruise missile purchased from the Turkish firm ROKETSAN.

The SOM missile was demonstrated in the 100th anniversary parade of Azerbaijan Army for the first time which makes it clear that Azerbaijan has got SOM-B1 modified version making it the first foreign user of SOM missile, AzeriDefence  reported.

SOM-B1 missile  is used for land and sea targets and allows fighter jets of AAF to destroy the targets that is located  behind the frontline with high precision without catching by Anti-aircraft warfare.

SOM is an air-to-surface missile to be used against heavily defended, high-value anti-surface warfare (ASuW) and land targets such as surface-to-air missile (SAM) sites, exposed aircraft, strategic assets, command and control centers, and naval vessels.

It is operable under all weather conditions, and also in hostile environment. The ministry favors buying the equipment from domestic sources whenever possible and would consider buying from foreign suppliers only if local firms are unable to produce the weapons.

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