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11:13 AM, June 27, 2018
US Orders Carl-Gustaf Man-portable Weapon System from Saab
Carl Gustaf M4 weapon System (Image: Saab)

Saab has received an ammunition order from the US Department of Defense (DoD) for the Carl-Gustaf man-portable weapon system.

The order value is approximately $16 million (MSEK 135). The order is placed under the terms of contract originally announced with DoD in August 2014 for the 84-mm recoilless rifle system known in the US as M3 MAAWS (Multi-role, Anti-armor, Anti-personnel Weapon System). Deliveries are expected to take place during 2019, the company said in a statement Tuesday.

In addition to the munition types already in service with operators of the system, DoD has also placed their first order for the MT 756 (Multi Target) round. The 84 mm MT 756 is designed for combat in urban areas and for incapacitating an enemy under cover inside a building or similar types of fortification. The MT 756 uses a tandem charge to penetrate hardened structures and affect the targets within.

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