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11:20 AM, July 3, 2018
Schiebel Demonstrates Camcopter S-100 UAS to Belgian Navy
Camcopter S-100 UAS (Image: Schiebel)

Schiebel has demonstrated search and rescue as well as maritime surveillance capabilities of the Camcopter S-100 Unmanned Air System (UAS) to the Belgian Navy.

Schiebel’s trials for the Belgian Navy aimed at building a knowledge base and developing a concept of operations for the use of UAS in support of search and rescue (SAR) as well as intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions, the company said in a statement Tuesday.

For the demonstration flights, designed to show the suitability of the CAMCOPTER S-100 for these capabilities, the helicopter was equipped with two payloads, the L3 Wescam MX-10 and the Overwatch Imaging PT-8 Oceanwatch, as well as an automatic identification system (AIS) receiver and a rescue drop box. The flight trials included various search and rescue scenarios in a land-based setting in Lombardsijde and in a maritime environment in the naval port of Zeebrugge.

The flights were the first S-100 customer demonstration with the recently integrated PT-8 Oceanwatch payload. This wide-area maritime search capability offers a naval patrol capacity.

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