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02:51 PM, July 4, 2018
Russian Ka-62 Prototype Helicopter to Undergo Vibration Frequency Tests Later this Month
Ka-62 multirole helicopter (Image: Rostec)

Russian Helicopters developed first Ka-62 prototype helicopter will be subjected to vibration frequency tests in mid-July.

Three prototypes of Ka-62 have been built by the Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company. According to the approved plan, the first helicopter will be subjected to vibration frequency tests in mid-July to verify the efficiency of new improvements. If the test results so require, additional improvements will be made in the body structures of the anti-torque rotor and the tail group of all three flight models of helicopters, the company said in a statement last Friday.

The second flight model of Ka-62 has been delivered to the test checks and electrical systems workshop. Its on-board system will be tested in a computer-simulated environment and recalibrated. The third flight model of this vehicle will be tested soon thereafter.

The preliminary test phase for Ka-62 certification will start by the end of 2018.

The Ka-62 project entered its active stage of implementation in 2012 by a demonstration of the design mock-up helicopter at the HeliRussia 2018 International Exhibition of Helicopter Industry. It was expected to commence certification of the vehicle three years later, but the results of first tests required some improvements.

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