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08:12 AM, July 6, 2018
Israeli Missile Defense Systems Successfully Completes Series of Tests
Israeli Missile Defense Systems Successfully Completes Series of Tests

Israel’s defense ministry said Thursday that it completed a series of tests of the Israeli missile defense systems designed to “counter emerging threats in the region”.  

According to the ministry’s statement, Iron Dome anti-missile defense system passed the latest series of tests with which the system was challenged by Israeli defense industries in conjunction with its creator, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

“As part of the tests, several different types of threats were launched, simulating the threats developing in the arena,” according to a statement made available to media. “The Homa [missile defense] directorate will continue to develop the Iron Dome system to “counter the emerging threats in the region”.

Among those who were involved in the testing were the Israeli Air Force and Navy, as well as Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), and mPrest Systems.

The statement also said that long-range Arrow 3 system was also tested this week at the Palmachim air base, south of Tel Aviv.

The Iron Dome is capable of intercepting an incoming projectile threat at a distance of four to 70 kilometers. The anti-missile defense system carries 11 kilograms (24 pounds) of explosives.

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