Yemeni Houthi Forces Develop New Underground Ballistic Missile Launcher

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  • 09:36 AM, July 6, 2018
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Yemeni Houthi Forces Develop New Underground Ballistic Missile Launcher
SCUD missile launched by Houthi rebels in Yemen (Image: SOFREP)

Houthi rebel forces have announced that they have developed a new underground launcher system for short-range ballistic missiles.

“This comes within the framework of developing the missile capabilities and raising their effectiveness in the field,” the Houthi forces were quoted as saying in a statement by Saba News Agency Tuesday.

“The enemy should realize that all ballistic missile launchers are too far away to be hit by its fighter jets, which do nothing but committing massacres and killing women and children,” it added.

The name or the any photos of the new launcher was announced by the rebel forces. While Iran is often accused of arming the Houthi forces, the majority of their missiles are domestically-made (Badr-1, Qaher-1, Qaher-2 missiles), the agency said.

The Houthis have been regularly firing short-range ballistic missiles at Saudi Arabian targets, most which are claimed to have been intercepted by Saudi missile defence systems.

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