Turkey to Get TEBER Guidance Kits for MK-bombs Starting This Month

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  • 09:51 AM, July 6, 2018
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Turkey to Get TEBER Guidance Kits for MK-bombs Starting This Month
TGRK-300 Precision Guidance Kit (Image: Roketsan)

Turkey will receive deliveries of Teber laser guidance kit for MK-82 and Mk-81 bombs starting this month, Undersecretariat for Defence Industries of Turkey (SSM) said.

“Deliveries of the TEBER laser guidance kit, which increases the hit accuracy of MK-82 bombs dropped from our aircrafts, will start this month,” SSM tweeted Wednesday.

TEBER is a low-cost laser guidance kit that is attached to MK-81(250lb) and MK-82 (500lb) general purpose bombs. TEBER converts the bombs into precision smart weapons using Inertial Navigation System, Global Positioning System and Laser Seeker.

TEBER’s modular design offers affordable options. An add-on Laser Seeker which is located on the front section allows precise hit capability for moving, relocatable and maritime targets even if the target is maneuvering at high speeds. Laser Seeker may be equipped with or without Height of Burst Seeker.

TEBER tail section can identify the bombs (MK-81/MK82) which is integrated onto and can be installed very quickly in the field with laser seeker. Tail kit contains a Global Positioning System/Inertial Navigation System for precise guidance and aerodynamic control surfaces. Body Strakes, which supply additional lift and stability, increase the weapon maneuver capability.

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